Extended Projects

For companies who need once off projects completed quickly
Build a Team for a Medium-Term Project

Build a Team for a Medium-Term Project

Occasionally you may need to build a team (or expand your existing team) for a certain project critical to your business strategy or profitability. The risk, costs and time of finding and hiring these additional people can be the very hurdle that prevents you from moving forward.

Extended Projects allows you to get work done based on your requirements – although unlike our Extended Teams service, this option doesn’t give you the unique benefit of being involved in choosing your Extended Project team members.

Tell us what you need done and by when. Based on that information we’ll agree set processes and outcomes; what has to be done and by when. We call this the Work Instruction.

A benefit of this solution is the quick implementation as we often have the required skill-sets already in place which allows for a fast track set up. Depending on the work required we can have your project up and running in matter of days.

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