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We created our Extended Teams to deliver efficiencies and results.
Now let us help you do the same.
Tailored Solutions For You

Tailored Solutions For You

Michael Dineen, Chairman & Founder

“Every business is different, but they all have one thing in common, they want to deliver to their customers the best service at the best price possible.

Our Extended Teams allows you to provide the best service to your clients. Our Extended Team becomes your Extended Team, supporting your staff to constantly improve the service they deliver.

We have developed this service from our support team in India over the last 12 years and it has proven highly successful. It allows us to deliver a quality of service at a competitive price. In supporting our Irish based Team allows, with the Extended Team in India, to focus on a greater level of customer service and contact. Our client retention levels, and service levels are higher than ever. Talk to us”.

Born out of our own drive to find smarter ways of working

Teams PLUS is part of the Contracting PLUS group – a niche business providing Accountancy, Tax, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Pension and Investment services to independent professional contractors. In this business we manage more than 900 Irish & UK company accounts, corporation tax and companies office returns and 4000 Irish & UK Income Tax returns each year. The bulk of our back-office, IT development and accounts production work is completed by an extended team of 100+ in our state of the art, secure office locations in India. Our Leadership team consists of Accountants and IT Professionals.

For more than 10 years we have continued to grow this team to support our growing business. Business partners were amazed by our success and asked could we supply them with an extended team based out of our offices. Today, the numbers employed are more than 150 and growing.

Teams PLUS works only with businesses where we feel we can add real value, efficiencies and cost savings. Accountancy Practices & Finance Teams; IT support functions, Programming & Development, Property Management companies, back office support for all business types to name some of those benefiting from having built their own Extended Team.

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Growing Through Success

Growing Through Success

Tanmay Singh, Operations Director

“There are more than 150 people working in extended Teams for a variety of clients across Ireland, the UK and the USA. 70% of the workers are accountants, bookkeepers & tax professionals with the other 30% being made up of general support services (data entry and repetitive tasks), IT Development, Marketing and Graphic Design. Knowledge is cross shared across all teams and training is an important part of our ethos. You will benefit from a diverse experience and a history of success in driving business transformation”.

Customisation that works for you

Our offices are open 24 hours and we can create Extended Teams to work your local hours in Ireland & the UK, or you can benefit from your extended team doing work while you sleep. Any rolling 8 hour period can be facilitated. Different 8 hour periods can apply to different team members – everything is customisable.

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